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Leadership Lessons — Good to Great Dealership Flywheel Spoke #3 Build a Strong Culture & Leverage Vital Processes

Farm Equipment, March 27, 2020 George Russell

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” — a quote attributed to management guru Peter Drucker defines the core idea of this spoke. The best plans fail without a strong culture to support them. On the flip side a strong culture means your dealership is more likely to overcome setbacks and changes even without a strong strategy.

To grow from good to great requires more than a strong culture — being great requires a culture of performance. 

Leadership Lessons — Good to Great Dealership Flywheel – Leveraging Technology Assessing Technology as a Force Multiplier

Farm Equipment, June 30, 2020 George Russell

echnology is a “Force Multiplier” for your dealership. The force multiplier concept comes from the military but to explain it simply, think of a hammer. A hammer amplifies your effort to produce more output. 

This idea fits exactly with the flywheel analogy for building a good to great (G2G) dealership as the leveraging of technology tools exert forces, speed and connection to increase a dealership’s momentum.

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Leadership Lessons — Good to Great Dealership Flywheel Spoke #2 Invest to Grow: High Absorption

Farm Equipment, February 28, 2020 George Russell

Absorption is simple to calculate, but to understand its “Good to Great” power in a dealership is complicated. 

Absorption is both a defensive and offensive strategy, and, although it is a financial metric that contributes to a high return on assets (one of two goals of a dealership), better absorption also contributes to creating repeat customers (the second main goal).

Leadership Lessons — Good to Great Dealership Flywheel, Leveraging the New to Used Cascade

Farm Equipment, February 7, 2020 George Russell

What is the New to Used Cascade and why is it important as the first spoke to describe in the Good to Great Dealership Flywheel?

There are many implications for leveraging the New to Used Cascade, which is why I choose to start our journey here. The biggest implication is the fundamental approach a dealership makes to selling machines.

Leadership Lessons — A Boss Who Wants You to be Successful

Farm Equipment, November 11, 2019 by George Russell

An early leadership lesson for me was the need to develop my replacement. My advancement in a company was determined by my ability to develop management and leadership behaviors in others. Jon Tanner’s quote above highlights how that fulfills those who do it well.

Growing leaders from within and helping each achieve beyond their expectations is the most rewarding part of being a manager. It fosters a positive internal culture as people see a path within your dealership to develop and grow. It also projects to your customers as they are more comfortable dealing with someone who has grown up and had success in your company.

Leadership Lessons — From Good to Great – The Sustainable Dealership Flywheel

Farm Equipment, December 25, 2019 by George Russell

What makes a dealership good? And what does it take to move a dealership from good to great? These questions are our subject for this column in 2020. Over the year, we’ll discuss each element of the Sustainable Dealership Flywheel, and how they link to build the momentum that distinguishes a “Good to Great” dealership.

Leadership Lessons — My Three Basic Rules for Leading

Farm Equipment, July 5, 2019 by Bill Mayes

In recent years, I’ve worked with hundreds of dealership managers; although we spend most of our time discussing KPIs, processes and growing sales, we invariably end up on the subject of people’s challenges and opportunities.

Formerly, the question was typically, “Where can I find good people?” But that has shifted recently.

Leadership Lessons — Is Servant Leadership the Right Style for Your Dealership?

Farm Equipment, July 1, 2019 by Robin Currie from Currie Management Consultants.

Servant leadership is an approach that is quite different from some of today’s other popular styles, such as autocratic, participatory and democratic. Robert Greenleaf and the Greenleaf Foundation is credited with coining the term Servant-Leadership — that true leadership must be executed in the form of true service. His title says is all: The Power of Servant-Leadership.

Leadership Lessons — ‘Best is Standard’ & 'All-In' — The Power of Benchmark Models for Your Dealership

Farm Equipment, May 1, 2019 by Jim Henderson, Executive Partner at Currie Management Consultants.

Among the many slogans that Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney has coined, these two sum up a critical aspect of his championship culture: Clemson aims for a benchmark, a standard of excellence, that is unchanging. That benchmark does not change. Even with yearly changes in staff, players and competition, the benchmark stays the same. And if you want to play for Clemson, then you need to be "All-In" to live and work toward that standard.

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