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Casey Seymour

Casey Seymour, a respected figure in the agricultural and heavy equipment industry with nearly two decades of boots-on-the-ground dealership experience, is renowned as a new and used equipment market trend expert. Additionally, Casey closely follows equipment technology and how it affects buying new and used equipment. Host of the "Moving Iron Podcast," Casey explores the nuances of the Equipment Business, testing his theories with each guest. His real-world experience lends unique insights to equipment sales, used equipment processes, and marketing. As a trainer, Casey uses his experience to help create a thriving process-rich environment for his clients. He also writes a column for Farm Equipment magazine, sharing valuable insights into the industry. Furthermore, he contributes to Successful Farming by writing a column twice monthly and recording a monthly podcast, further expanding his influence within the equipment business.

Focus Areas

  • Sales Process Training

  • Sales Training

  • Sales Management

  • Used Equipment Process

  • Remarketing

  • Used Equipment Market Trends

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