MAC Has Two Exciting New Offerings



We’re holding our first custom webinar exclusively for women in the equipment industry! Female managers, executives, owners, and others, have been asking for a professional space to advance the following:

  • Problem solving

  • Implementing performance metrics

  • Personal and professional development

  • Collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Leading during down times as well as during periods of growth - and more!

New MAC advisor Robin Currie will conduct the Women of Distribution webinar on May 20th from 10:00am EST to 1:00pm EST.  All are invited to explore the opportunities.  Questions?  Give me (Robin) a call at 781-223-6347 or email her.
Our second offering is the MAC Women Networking Forum.   This is a free forum where women within the industry of capital goods or industrial equipment are invited as members.  It’s a confidential and secure place to ask questions, learn from others, collaborate, and develop.  This forum is also moderated by Robin Currie.  To join, just send your contact info to Marianne Wood and she’ll get you signed up!