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  • The ‘Value’ of Relationships (June 2018 by Bill Hoeg) – Why do car dealers get less parts and service business after the warranty expires? Why are there so many independent repair shops to fix your car? Our industry is not the car business and we need to avoid some of their practices in order to build value and keep as much parts and service business as possible post-warranty. So what can we learn from the car business?

  • Make It Work, Make It Pay (March 2018) - You are a dealer principal or general manager, you believe in training, and you say “I will hire an expert to come to train my team and immediately I will have a return on my investment.” So you invest hundreds of dollars in training, hoping for a fast return, and nothing changes. You then say to yourself, “I just put money down a rat hole!”

       Calls to Actions to Leverage Human Capital

  • Develop Managers — “Job One’ of a Leader”

  • Transfer Knowledge & Culture —  Mentoring & Coaching

  • Attract & Develop the Workforce of the Future — Become the “Employer of Choice”

Here we’ll dig into #2 and explore some ways to create a culture that transfers knowledge and culture — in other words  “How To” collaborate and share.

  • Challenge Directly & Show You Care Personally (June 2017) - “Be brutally honest.” That was the advice a dealer-principal shared at a recent best practice group that I lead. This insight got the group talking about how best to achieve good results from employees, colleagues, vendors, etc. His choice of words sparked discussion on if and how to provide feedback, and what to expect in return.

  • Manage Extroverts and Introverts Differently   (April 2017) - To be the most effective manager, it's important to know how to connect with and manage employees who are mostly introverted or mostly extroverted.  Many don't appreciate the contributions to your organization from the former.

  • How to Coach Your Employees (and Yourself) (March 2017) - Successful coaches know that intuition and emotion are the biggest factors that drive people and organizations, even if reason and logic are necessary for proper guidance.

  • What to Do with Disengaged Employees (Part 2: July 2016) – In Part 1, we defined employee engagement as going the extra mile. Companies whose employees are highly engaged produce 300% better financial results, according to Towers Watson’s 2012 Global Workforce Study.

  • Keep Employees Engaged  (Part 1: June 2016) – How do you and your managers gain the work and commitment of your employees to perform well? How can you influence the behavior and performance of your people in positive ways?

  • Develop Your Best Talent (March 2016) – A basic axiom of team development is this: Most leaders spend too much time on their problem employees, and too little time on their best. As Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, pointed out years ago, developing talent is often critical to success, but since it is not urgent, it never happens. The key word here is time. Let’s discuss two aspects of this four-letter word: thinking time, and talking time.

  • How to Manage Your Millennial Employees (February 2016) – The younger generation doesn’t have the same work ethic as I do. And they want to keep changing jobs. They’re a challenge to hire and manage!”

  • Your Words are as Important as Your Actions (April 2013) - Would you buy a truck from someone who drives an old clunker? Would you eat at a restaurant where the proprietor calls the women servers "chicks" or "broads?

  • Dealership Training Part 2: Drive an Effective Process (Feb 2012) - Last month we emphasized that the pace of change in technology and business processes requires continuous upgrading of employee skills to remain competitive.  This month, we expand on the topic of training and focus on how best to drive the effectiveness of your training process to maximize return on your investment (ROI).

  • Are You the Employer of Choice or of Last Resort? (April 2011) - You’ve heard of the Academy Awards for movies and the Baldrige Award for quality, but have you heard of the “Employer Choice Award?” If you’ve heard of it, would you deserve it if you were nominated?

  • Strong Store Managers or Centralized Structure? (Feb 2011) - How you organize your dealership is fundamental to your success. Whether your dealership has one store, a few or several locations, the choice of how you organize your company has a direct bearing on your performance..