Productivity - Personal & Business

  • Small Daily Improvements Key to Long-Term Results (April 2018) - This headline is based on a sign posted at my gym that made me think about your business, and my challenge to “Make 2018 the Year of Human Capital Development.” I started to think about the small things that you can do with your people to develop them and your dealership. Doing small things that lead to big things is a useful perspective for you to create change with your employees and colleagues. It provides an approach for you to do every day in order to create big improvements. A complementary idea is, “If you take care of the little things, then the big things take care of themselves.” Here are 5 ‘little things’ that you can do to foster ‘small daily improvements.' 

  • Why the Big Switch from PCs to Tablets? (July 2014) - The impetus for this month’s column started with a comment from a dealer in one of our Currie Management Dealer Groups. At a recent meeting, he remarked, “Look around the room. Isn’t it interesting that everyone who used a laptop computer a year ago now uses a tablet?”

  • Simple Technologies to Increase Staff Efficiency (Oct/Nov 2012) - The title of this series of articles is “Technology for Profit” and is aimed at giving equipment dealers concrete examples of how advanced technology is being adapted to the day-to-day operations at machinery retailers to improve their bottom line.

  • Building an Interconnected, Knowledge-Based Dealership (July/Aug 2012) - Whether we like it or not, change is here when we talk about business technology. In your dealership, the adoption and use of new technology is moving literally at the speed of sound. The products you sell and service are more technologically sophisticated, which means that the way you sell and service them must at least match that level of sophistication.

  • Smart Uses for Smart Phones in the Dealership (April/May 2012) - Most dealer-principals and their salespeople use cell phones to speed up their communications and for customer convenience. But, what about cell phones for others in the dealership such as the service techs and the parts people?