• Technology to Exceed Customer Expectations (Oct/Nov 2013) - I love what I do. Every day I work with leading farm and construction equipment dealers all across the continent as they strive to get better. I continue to learn much from these progressive dealers who are constantly working to better serve a customer base with rapidly rising expectations.

  • Use Technology to Sell Technology Profitably (March 2012) - First in a "Technology for Profits" articles series which will show bottom line benefits of selling technology of the 3 "P's" of Productivity, Profitability and Personal Connections.

  • The Link Between Sales & Absorption (Oct 2011) - Whether it's from your manufacturer's demand for market share or machine population, or your need for more revenue, dealers continue to look for ways to boost sales. A good place to start selling more machinery is to look first at your parts and service departments. There is a strong link between sales coverage and better parts and service profitability - meaning better absorption.

  • Territory Management vs. Account Management (June 2011) - The account management approach is customer focused and allows you effectively manage the time of your key people. In our experience, the quickest way for a farm equipment dealer to increase their top line revenue is to implement account management.

  • Why Add or Drop Product Lines (Sept 2009) - To Add: Margins, Diversification, Penetrate accounts.  To Drop: Focus, Poor total returns, Redundant products.  Best Practices with additional products.