Speeches & Seminars

Our MAC advisors regularly conduct seminars and webinars for national and international dealer and equipment  conferences and symposiums. Here are the speeches and seminars by George Russell and other MAC advisors.

  • George Russell and other industry experts shared their successes, pain points and thoughts on how 2022 looks from their vantage point on Dec. 8-9, 2021. Ag Equipment Intelligence Executive Editor Kim Schmidt led this two-day virtual event, providing an inside look at the year ahead from all sides of the industry to equip you to strategically plan your 2022 business. If you attended this seminar and have questions, please contact customerservice@lessitermedia.com.


  • George Russell recently conducted an exclusive webinar sponsored by DIS where he provided actionable strategies for how to take your dealership's performance to a whole new level.If you didn't get a chance to attend his webinar, you can watch it now to find out what it takes to make an equipment dealership not just good, but great!

Seminars by George Russell & Bill Mayes

1. Work in Progress: Taming the Beast with George Russell

2. The Customer Service Process with George Russell

3. ​Understanding the Life Cycle of a Part: Key Decision Points with Bill Mayes

4. How to Maintain a Positive Parts & Service Team in Times of Stress with Bill Mayes

  • Live Dealership Minds Panel with George Russell on August 4th, 2020. George Russell hosted a live online panel discussion with dealers on how they are applying the "Good to Great" Dealership Flywheel concept at the 2020 Farm Equipment Dealership Minds Summit.  Along with explaining Jim Collin's Good to Great principles as it applies to a farm equipment dealership, Russell stressed the importance of balance and sustainability throughout the business cycle by focusing on creating repeat customers and achieving a high return on assets.  The session included dealer panelists from Monroe Tractor, Heritage Ag, Martin Sullivan, and Farmers Implement & Irrigation. Learn more about the virtual and expanded program.

  • 2020 Big Dealer Webinar on May 28th, 2020 sponsored by Ag Equipment Intelligence. Editor/Publisher Dave Kanicki and George Russell, Managing Member of MAC hosted a free webinar on Thursday, May 28th where they shared their first look and analysis of the just-completed "2020 Big Dealer Report." Over 300 people attended the webinar. During this live webinar event, Kanicki and Russell discussed:

    • Detailed changes among large dealerships
    • The latest merger and acquisition news on North American "big dealers"
    • Key factors driving major dealer M & A events
    • Their perspective on emerging industry trends
You can watch the webinar as well as purchase a downloadable PDF copy of the "2020 Big Dealer" report.

Two Seminars by George Russell

1. Product Support: Turning the Dealership Flywheel - Accelerating the Momentum of Service, Parts & Rental -  Dealerships achieve sustainability when recurring revenues are a significant contributor. Learn how to increase the momentum of service, parts and rental to grow sales and increase productivity.  Discover insights to "Turn the Dealer Flywheel" and build businesses that are built to last.

2. Technology: Turning the Dealership Flywheel - Leveraging Technology Everywhere - Technology is everywhere and how you apply it in your dealership can make the difference in moving your business from good to great. Your customers, your suppliers and your dealership are required to adapt and apply technology. Learn how dealerships leverage technology in all aspects of selling and supporting equipment.


Two Seminars by Bill Mayes

1. Product Support: Analyzing Your Service Department for Peak Profitability Performance - Your Service Department is busy, but somehow doesn't seem to be making the profit that it should. Learn how to identify and quantify problems in your Service Department, ask better questions of your Service Manager, and use step-by-step templates to quantify opportunities.

2. Product Support: Are You Missing the Boat in Maximizing Your Parts Profitability - You have made a significant investment in Parts Inventory, but you don't know if you are getting the return you should.  Learn about best practices to get the most benefit out of your Parts Investment.

  • 2019 AED Summit Education Sessions: February 4-5, 2019 sponsored by Association of Equipment Dealers

Two Seminars by George Russell

1. New Apps & Technology to Increase Productivity & Satisfaction with Your Service & Parts Support

2. Make the Move from Rent to Sell to Rent to Rent


Two Seminars by Bill Mayes

1. Reducing Turnaround Time & Increasing Throughput in the Service Department

2. Maximize Your Revenues & Margins in Rent to Rent by Using a Basic Pricing Model

  • Digging Into the Data: A First Look at Ag Equipment Intelligence’s 2018 Big Dealer Report (Webinar): May 24, 2018

In this live webinar event, Ag Equipment Intelligence editor/publisher Dave Kanicki and George Russell, a founding member of the Machinery Advisors Consortium, share a first look at the results of the 2018 Big Dealer Report.


  • 2018 FEMA Meeting: April 2018 in Omaha, NE sponsored by Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association

        Keynote Presentation: Responding to the Threat to Distribution by George Russell


  • 2018 AED Summit, Professional Dealer Education: January 2018 in Las Vegas sponsored by Association of Equipment Dealers

Two Seminars by George Russell:

1. "Is Your Service Department Designed for Peak Performance?"

2. "New Apps & Services That Are Changing the Face of the Rental Business"

Two Seminars by Bill Mayes:

1. "Using Parts & Service As a Strategic Growth Initiative"

2. "Using Maintenance & Repair Contracts to Capture Customers"

  • 2017 AED Summit, Professional Dealer Education: January 2017 in Chicago sponsored by Association of Equipment Dealers

Two Seminars by George Russell:

1. "Does eCommerce Really Work in Our Industry?"

2. "Turning Your Support Investment into Margin: Make Your Customers Appreciate You"

Two Seminars by Bill Mayes:

1. "Parts Inventory - Valuable Asset or Black Hole?"

2. "Maximizing Parts Sales & Profitability"

  • 2016 AED Summit, Professional Dealer Education:, January 2016 in Washington, D.C. sponsored by Association of Equipment Dealers

Four Seminars:

1. "Inventory Management for Parts & Services Departments"

2. "Moderated Dealer Roundtable: Key Performance Indicators"

3. "Marketing 101 for Your Dealership"

4. "Using the Power of Tomorrow's Technology - Today!"

  • AED Financial Symposium: April 2015 in Memphis sponsored by Associated Equipment Distributors

"Keys to Success in Rental"

  • Commandant's National Security Program: July 2014 sponsored by U.S. Army War College

Participated in discussion to military on a command track with perspectives of an international businessman.

  • Dealers Webinar: April 2014 sponsored by Farm Equipment Magazine

"Dealership of the Future: The Evolution of Dealerships - How Can You Compete?"

  • Dealers Webinar: June 2013 sponsored by Farm Equipment Magazine

"The 'Why's' Behind the Changing Structure of Farm Equipment Dealerships: Lessons for Progressive Dealership Leaders"

  • 1st Dealership Minds Summit Keynote Speaker: January 2013 sponsored by Farm Equipment Magazine

"The Changing Structure of Farm Equipment Dealerships"

  • FEMA Convention: October 2012 sponsored by Farm Equipment Magazine

"Distribution Risks & Opportunities - How to Keep Full-Line Dealers & What Are the Alternatives"

  • German Dealer Association Annual Meeting: January 2010 sponsored by LTU (Landtechnische Untermnemertage)

"Could 10 A-Dealers Per Brand be Enough for Germany? Thoughts & Experiences in Ag Equipment Distribution in North America"

  • EMDA Spring Management Workshop: April 2010 in Williamsburg, VA sponsored by Equipment Marketing & Distribution Association

"The Impact of Industry Consolidation on Shortline Manufacturers & Distributors"

  • Italian Farm Machinery Convention: September 2009 in Laguna NIguel, CA sponsored by Italian Trade Association

"The Impact of Industry Consolidation on Shortline Manufacturers & Distributors"

  • "Ag Day" for Wall Street Analysts: June, 2008 sponsored by Wall Street Access & Ag Equipment Intelligence Magazine

"The Outlook for U.S. Agriculture: Problems & Opportunities - Views of a Global Farm Machinery Marketer"