What Our Clients Say

Our MAC advisors regularly conduct courses, seminars and webinars for national and international dealers. Here are stories from some of our clients.  This is why we do what we do!

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I really appreciate these documents and wanted to let you know I enjoyed your class last week. One of the better training classes I have been required to take. I appreciated the level of participation you allowed us during the class. Four of the guys that attended I met at level 100 class and have kept in contact with them the 3 guys at my table and Jeff Y. from California. I have been in contact with Jeff Vincent since our class last week. So some good contacts were made and that is a big plus for me. When are you teaching the 300 class next?

~ Eddie Houston, Service Manager, Hills Machinery

"Improving cash flow has been a mantra in the construction equipment business as long as I can remember.  We have preached the importance of processing work orders in a timely manner to our service teams for decades and never really moved the needle in a positive direction on this problem in a sustained fashion.  After knowing Bill Mayes for many years I asked if he would be willing to meet with our service management team and teach them about why this matters and what they can do to improve our results.  The initial reviews are in and MBR has reduced the time to close work orders by 38% since Bill came to meet with our team on a cold snowy day in January.  Bill had a way of connecting with our folks in a fashion that puts everyone at ease instead of playing the blame game.  The results speak for themselves."
~ Mike Soley Jr., President & CEO, Miller-Bradford & Risberg, Inc.
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"Bill [Mayes], I already feel a relief from organizing my inbox. I took your advice and made me an inbox 2 folder to move everything that was not a priority. I am now going to use my inbox like you said as a to do list. I expanded my files and made them individual versus a dump folder. There were so many take a ways from your training. I feel like if I don’t start doing them now, I may forget some of your great ideas from the meeting.

Again, I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed the training. This was the best training I have been to as you kept my attention and I really like the way it was presented. This training was very personal due to my recent promotion and I wanted to direct all of my attention to it so I could see what we (Wylie) have been missing so we could find solutions to some of our problems. Thanks again."

~ Shane Buchanan, Corporate Sales Manager, Wylie Implement & Spray Centers