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About Us

Who We Are

MAC ( Machinery Advisors Consortium) is a team of professionals who coach farm, construction, and other dealers of capital goods. We are a collaboration among companies and individuals with over 400 combined years of experience who know the retail business. We decided to work together for the mutual benefit to ourselves and our clients.

MAC began in the summer of 2015 to serve dealers, distributors and OEMs in the capital goods industry by providing advice, counsel and training to improve business results.

MAC provides value to dealers and OEMs with the breadth & depth of their experience in all areas of the capital goods retail business including dealer peer groups. Our practical approach means dealers implement leading edge business practices to achieve results that are in the top quartile of their industry. A key approach for MAC is how results are achieved through leadership of people, whether in a family dealership or a large, multi-store distribution company.

Industries Served

Capital Goods are machines used by end users to make a living or in a business.

  • Construction Equipment

  • Farm Equipment

  • Industrial Trucks

  • Lift Trucks

  • Other Capital Goods

MAC's focus is the capital goods industry where machines are used by end users to make a living, and where aftersales service is vital.   These industries include farm equipment, construction equipment, industrial trucks, and lift trucks.

We Provide Value By: 

  • Applying the breadth and depth of our knowledge & experience in all areas of capital goods retail

  • Being thought leaders and dynamic facilitators who make training relevant, results-oriented and fun

  • Applying practical techniques that result in client use of leading edge business practices

  • Knowing how clients can achieve results in the Top Quartile of their peer group & how to help them get there

  • Utilizing our integrity, credibility & ability to add value well above our fees


Why We Do What We Do


MAC advisors are truly dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by offering our services to improve processes and people, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, customer value, and business profitability.

Ready to talk? Contact us.

We look forward to visiting with you about how we can help grow your business. 

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