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Strategic Growth

Customer Centric Culture

Good to Great Flywheel

  • Leadership Lessons - Good to Great Dealership Flywheel – SPOKE #5, Robust Marketing Process Drives Segment Sales (October 2020) - The fifth spoke in the upper right completes the Good to Great Flywheel — “Building your dealership brand with all segments” by employing a robust marketing process. Done right the process grows sales with all types/segments of buyers and generates momentum for the new to used cascade described in spoke 1. We’ll define the 5 steps of marketing and then the 3 critical elements of a robust process in a “great” marketing dealership. We’ll focus on element 1 in this article and will tackle elements 2 and 3 next time. 

Sales & Marketing

  • Technology to Exceed Customer Expectations (Oct/Nov 2013) - I love what I do. Every day I work with leading farm and construction equipment dealers all across the continent as they strive to get better. I continue to learn much from these progressive dealers who are constantly working to better serve a customer base with rapidly rising expectations.

  • Use Technology to Sell Technology Profitably (March 2012) - First in a "Technology for Profits" articles series which will show bottom line benefits of selling technology of the 3 "P's" of Productivity, Profitability and Personal Connections.

  • The Link Between Sales & Absorption (Oct 2011) - Whether it's from your manufacturer's demand for market share or machine population, or your need for more revenue, dealers continue to look for ways to boost sales. A good place to start selling more machinery is to look first at your parts and service departments. There is a strong link between sales coverage and better parts and service profitability - meaning better absorption.

  • Territory Management vs. Account Management (June 2011) - The account management approach is customer focused and allows you effectively manage the time of your key people. In our experience, the quickest way for a farm equipment dealer to increase their top line revenue is to implement account management.

  • Equipment Rental Programs:  Are they Worth It? (March 2010) - Examines why a farm equipment dealers should establish a rental department.  Risk and Rewards.

  • Why Add or Drop Product Lines (Sept 2009) - To Add: Margins, Diversification, Penetrate accounts.  To Drop: Focus, Poor total returns, Redundant products.  Best Practices with additional products.

  • Monetizing 'Dealership Wisdom' (April/May 2015) – What is the value of the knowledge, experience and analytical ability (or troubleshooting) that your dealership has developed in order to sell and support your customers? This ability, which has been developed over time and exists in the minds of you and your employees can rightfully be called dealership wisdom.

  • Fight Tech with Tech, But Add Personal Touch - (Oct 2014) - When it comes to online equipment dealers, you either have to fight ‘em or join ‘em.

  • How Farmers, Dealers Adopt New Technology (June 2014) - What do you think about new technology? Do you want new things as soon as they're available? Or do you wait until a new concept is proven and tested before you adopt it?

  • Social Media: Colossal Waste of Time! or the Future of Marketing? (March 2014) - Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Friends. Tweets. Connections. Smartphones. Tablets. Page Ranking. Most of these are new and strange terms that are part of social media marketing. As a farm equipment dealer, is social media marketing important to your business? Or is it irrelevant and a passing fad?

  • What is CRM and Why Should You Care? (July/August 2013) - CRM means Customer Relationship Management. The short answer to why you should care is that your future success may depend on if and how you implement CRM. Retail, your business, the business of selling and serving end users, is very competitive. Long term success often depends on doing a lot of little things right. Selling and servicing farm equipment is no different than any other industry where CRM is now a standard practice. But our industry is just starting to learn about its benefits of and to use CRM successfully.

  • Use 'Smart Software' in Your Marketing (March 2013) - The focus of this month's column is on two different "Smart Software"? applications developed to help your dealership increase sales by improving the visibility of your product and services, and providing a quicker and lower cost of acquisition and capturing prospects' interests

Strategy & Growth

  • Are You Ready for the 2nd Machine Age? (April 2014) - What is the connection among Nebraska Tractor Tests, Moore’s Law and the second half of the chess board? ​

  • Consolidation: A Year of Changes (April/May 2010) - Updates changes in large dealers and pace of consolidation by brand and starts regular updates "Dealers on the Move."

  • How to Determine the Value of Your Store (July/August 2009) - Base economic value vs 'blue sky'.  Valuing intangibles, Discount for Lack of Marketability, What measure & methods to use.

  • How Top Performing Dealers Prepare for a Down Cycle (June 2009) - Options: reduce costs, increase gross profits or a combination.  Presents ideas for these and benchmarks for productivity.

  • Opportunities & Challenges of Expansion (April/May 2009) - Scale advantages for customer service, investment in training & facilities and attraction of skilled managers.  Risks of stretched management and real reduction in costs.

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