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Khrystina Currie Snell

Khrystina joined Currie Management Consultants in 2022. She holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts, graduating with dual concentrations in Legal Studies and Political Science. She is currently a third-year law student at Suffolk University in Boston. Khrystina has experience working with personal injury firms and specializes in cases concerning OSHA violations and other unsafe workplace issues. She also has a passion for politics and consulted for candidates from local offices to Presidential campaigns. She is spearheading a Dealership Safety Analysis program that offers clients the opportunity to have a walkthrough of their facilities conducted which leads to a comprehensive report identifying the possible liabilities and safety violations present, along with a detailed plan for how to remedy them.

Focus Areas

  • Analyzing premises and safety liabilities present in dealership facilities

  • Teaching managers how to communicate and interact with pre-unionized & unionized employees

  • Operational efficiency within dealerships

  • Women of Distribution

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