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About Us

Jim Henderson

Jim is an entrepreneur who has started and successfully sold two information technology companies.  He leads the Exemplary Group, which through Best Practice Groups and direct consulting practices, provides benchmarking best practices and tools for Dealerships, Manufacturer Reps & Value-Added Retailers. As a member of MAC and direct work with dealers, he advises farm and construction dealers in Best Practice Groups on the application of technology, both for internal business management and IT processes and externally for Precision Farming & Machine Control.

Focus Areas

  • Teaching dealers to achieve profitability from selling & supporting smart machines

  • Leveraging the power of benchmarking & models to drive performance improvement,

  • Applying technology & data to re-engineer dealership processes

  • Providing personal testimony on how & why business must adapt to change


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We look forward to visiting with you about how we can help grow your business. 

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