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Wayne Brozek

Wayne has had a long career in the automotive and equipment industries, one that started in high school as a parts delivery driver. After college, Wayne held several automotive positions at a local Ford dealership in Colorado. From shop counter to parts manager, he became well known as an expert in inventory management. After several years, he was promoted to service manager, where he built a new way to pay technicians, rewarding them for productivity and their ability to increase maintenance penetration. He then gained experience as a fixed operations director and sales manager.


In 2006, Wayne moved back to his home town and became a partner at the location where he began his automotive career. He later switched over to the agricultural industry, as the vice president of parts and service at a John Deere dealership. With his expertise in service operations, he improved the group’s service profitability, changed their technician compensation program and help the group grow from six to 16 locations.


In 2017, Wayne created WB Group, a dealer performance group, that teaches dealers throughout the world how to improve their parts and service operations, leadership skills and more.


Wayne now heads up the WB Global Services team, which is dedicated to improving client financial health and employee productivity and engagement.

Focus Areas

  • Parts Management - Inventory health, create processes, policies and procedures to improve profitability

  • Service Management - Shop loading, creating service job codes, tech Incentives and overall service management

  • Financial - Train management and support staff how to read and analyze profit and loss statements and balance sheets

  • Executive/Corporate Leadership - Coaching, training and mentoring

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