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June 30, 2020

Technology is a “Force Multiplier” for your dealership. The force multiplier concept comes from the military but to explain it simply, think of a hammer. A hammer amplifies your effort to produce more output. 

This idea fits exactly with the flywheel analogy for building a good to great (G2G) dealership as the leveraging of technology tools exert forces, speed and connection to increase a dealership’s momentum.


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MAC Has Two Exciting New Offerings



We held our first custom webinar exclusively for women in the equipment industry! Female managers, executives, owners, and others, have been asking for a professional space to advance the following:

  • Problem solving

  • Implementing performance metrics

  • Personal and professional development

  • Collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Leading during down times as well as during periods of growth - and more!

New MAC advisor Robin Currie conducted the Women of Distribution webinar on May 20th.  Give me (Robin) a call at 781-223-6347 or email her for more information about future webinars.
Our second offering is the MAC Women Networking Forum.   This is a free forum where women within the industry of capital goods or industrial equipment are invited as members.  It’s a confidential and secure place to ask questions, learn from others, collaborate, and develop.  This forum is also moderated by Robin Currie.  To join, just send your contact info to Marianne Wood and she’ll get you signed up!

The Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC) serves dealers/distributors and OEMs in the capital goods industry.  We are experienced business professionals with both OEM and dealership backgrounds who provide advice, counsel and training to improve business results. We share a common business philosophy to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

MAC advisors are truly dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by offering our services to improve processes and people, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, customer value and business profitability.

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Meet Our New MAC Advisors


New members add capabilities in applying technology & leadership


The nine members of the Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC) are pleased to announce two more members - Jim Henderson & Robin Currie - who add capabilities to advise machinery dealers and manufacturers in performance improvement in the application of technology, leadership development, and networking to assist women in dealerships.



Watch the Big Dealer Webinar


Ag Equipment Intelligence Editor/Publisher Dave Kanicki and George Russell, Managing Member of MAC hosted a free webinar on Thursday, May 28th where they shared their first look and analysis of the just-completed "2020 Big Dealer Report." Over 300 people attended the webinar.
During this live webinar event, Kanicki and Russell discussed:
  • Detailed changes among large dealerships
  • The latest merger and acquisition news on North American "big dealers"
  • Key factors driving major dealer M & A events
  • Their perspective on emerging industry trends
You can watch the webinar as well as purchase a downloadable PDF copy of the "2020 Big Dealer" report.


This FREE webinar is brought to you by Ag Equipment Intelligence.  If you have any questions, email George Russell or Email Dave Kanicki with any questions about the webinar.
Live Dealership Minds Panel with George Russell
Tuesday, August 4th at 2:00 pm CST


 George Russell will host a live online panel discussion with dealers on how they are applying the "Good to Great" Dealership Flywheel concept at the 2020 Farm Equipment Dealership Minds Summit on Tuesday, August 4th at 2:00 pm CST.  Along with explaining Jim Collin's Good to Great principles as it applies to a farm equipment dealership, Russell stresses the importance of balance and sustainability throughout the business cycle by focusing on creating repeat customers and achieving a high return on assets.  The session will include dealer panelists from Monroe Tractor, Heritage Ag, Martin Sullivan, and Farmers Implement & Irrigation.
Learn more about the virtual and expanded program and register now!


Jim Henderson is an entrepreneur with startup information technology companies who leverages that practical experience to help dealers in applying technology in their businesses. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Exemplary Group and co-founder of Keymark, Inc. an Inc. 500 technology solutions business and leads several dealer best practice groups. 

Robin Currie is the next generation in Currie Management Consultants which she joined in 2007 after experience in retail management.   Her training and focus are on leadership and executive coaching such as the highly successful year-long program for new dealership leaders.  In addition to leading the Currie Training Center, Robin will moderate two new MAC initiatives – the MAC Womens Networking Forum and The Women of Distribution Dealer Group.


Ag Equipment Intelligence 2020 Big Dealer Report is Available!
Since 2011, the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence in collaboration with the Machinery Advisors Consortium have compiled the annual "Big Dealer" Report to provide the Ag equipment industry with a thorough, by-the-numbers analysis into the shifts in dealer ownership, along with insight into the implications these shifts have on the industry. It's the most detailed source of information on ownership changes and consolidation trends of North America's largest farm equipment dealers. This report, which is updated annually in April, is now available for 2020 for $99.  
Coping with COVID-19 – Be Scared & Be Calm
 April 3, 2020 by George Russell in Farm Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has been called a “black swan,” a metaphor for an extremely rare event that is unforeseen, but which can have enormous impacts. Examples of black swans were the 9/11 attacks which had bad impacts, and the development of the internet which has had a generally good impact.

The animal analogy is wrong here, says Michele Wuker. In her book, The Gray Rhino, rather than a black swan she calls COVID-19 a “Gray Rhino” — gray like an elephant in the room and a rhino because of how it attacks. She writes:

"Given what we know about pandemics and their increasing likelihood, outbreaks are highly probable and high impact. I coined the term 'gray rhino' for exactly such events: obvious, visible, coming right at you, with large potential impact and highly probable consequences."

Every dealership and small business can be affected by the COVID-19 crisis. With what we see around the world and given the nature of pandemics, the full impact may not have hit your dealership — yet. But it will and when it does, it will hit fast and hard like a charging rhino. So be scared.

To lead a business into and through an impending crisis, you must also be calm.

Bridging the two — being scared and being calm — creates tension that will challenge your leadership.


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