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Who We Are...
​The Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC) serves dealers/distributors and OEMs in the capital goods industry.  We are experienced business professionals with both OEM and dealership backgrounds who provide advice, counsel and training to improve business results. We share a common business philosophy to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
We provide value by: 
  • Applying the breadth and depth of our knowledge & experience in all areas of capital goods retail

  • Being thought leaders and dynamic facilitators who make training relevant, results-oriented and fun

  • Applying practical techniques that result in client use of leading edge business practices

  • Knowing how clients can achieve results in the Top Quartile of their peer group & how to help them get there

  • Utilizing our integrity, credibility & ability to add value well above our fees

Why We Do What We Do...
MAC members are truly dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by offering our services to improve processes and people, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, customer value and business profitability. 
What Our Clients Say...
"Improving cash flow has been a mantra in the construction equipment business as long as I can remember.  We have preached the importance of processing work orders in a timely manner to our service teams for decades and never really moved the needle in a positive direction on this problem in a sustained fashion.  After knowing Bill Mayes for many years I asked if he would be willing to meet with our service management team and teach them about why this matters and what they can do to improve our results.  The initial reviews are in and MBR has reduced the time to close work orders by 38% since Bill came to meet with our team on a cold snowy day in January.  Bill had a way of connecting with our folks in a fashion that puts everyone at ease instead of playing the blame game.  The results speak for themselves."
Mike Soley Jr., President & CEO, Miller-Bradford & Risberg, Inc.
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July 5, 2019

As part of this year's "Leadership Lessons" theme, Bill Mayes discusses his three basic rules for leading.

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