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July 6, 2021

MAC Advisor Jim Henderson discusses what customers see when they look at a dealership and what the right way for the future is. Is “customer-centric,” helping the customer? And does it lead to a more effective, profitable dealership in 5-10 years?



Dave Dell Joins MAC
Adds Ag Industry Power to MAC


David-Dell for WEB -144.jpg

MAC is pleased to announce that that Dave Dell of DellServ, LLC has joined the group.


“MAC’s future capabilities in serving dealers and manufacturers are strengthened by the diverse experience, knowledge and capabilities Dave brings to MAC. He provides a broad perspective gained from leadership experience in multiple ag industries. Whether interacting with grass roots producers or executive leaders, Dave has the experience and expertise to lead the conversations and provide coaching, business strategies, and processes for overall performance improvement,” said George Russell, Co-Founder of MAC.

Dell has worked with highly successful people in multiple ag industries, with most of his career in the farm machinery industry. The opportunities to work in the Animal Nutrition, Turf & Golf Care, Grain Management and Business Consulting businesses broadened and deepened his understanding of the crucial part distribution plays in all businesses. With Dave’s leadership multiple businesses improved distribution by focusing on people, organization structure, and processes.


“The MAC Advisors are experienced, talented and passionate in all they do. I am excited to work with the MAC Advisor team as we strive to serve dealers and manufacturers who are willing to commit to improving their total performance,” said Dave.

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Join George Russell's DIS Webinar on July 22


Propel Your Dealership from Good to Great!

What does it take to make an equipment dealership not just good, but great? It starts with tracking the right metrics - what defines success to achieve peak performance.

Join George Russell for an exclusive webinar sponsored by DIS where you will get actionable strategies for how to take your dealership's performance to a whole new level.

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In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Use the "Sustainable Dealership Flywheel": The elements that must work together to propel an equipment dealership from good to great

  • Understand the "Vital Few": Metrics that define peak performance in each department and how to use them

  • Coach and create a customer-centric culture: The processes and culture of performance that increases both Customer Retention and Return on Assets.

When: July 22 at 2pm ET

Duration: 1 hour (including live Q & A)

Click here to register for this free webinar!

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Russ Green Joins MAC
Expands MAC's Leadership & Workforce Capabilities


Russ Picture Suit (2).JPG

MAC is pleased to announce that Russ Green of MACKAYBEN™ has joined the group.

“The addition of Russ expands the MAC capability to serve both dealers and manufacturers. He brings to MAC his real-life boardroom experience in executive management, sales and marketing leadership, mergers and acquisitions and business growth strategies,” MAC Co-Founder, George Russell said.  Russ has a unique skill of recognizing business efficiencies and brings a balance of leadership, business management, training, and coaching to the MAC team.

Russ through MACKAYBEN™ has developed a network of “the next generation of ag leaders;” a program directed at maximizing the leadership potential of the next generation millennials who have accepted management roles in their existing businesses. 


“George Russell and the other MAC Advisors are a strong, diverse and agile team.  I look forward to collaborating with fellow MAC Advisors to bring strategies to elevate the client organization’s performance, especially in their people. I enjoy the challenge of working alongside companies creating strategies to develop their managers and maximize the performance of their employee teams, Green said.

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Bill Mayes in the Media

At this year's AED Summit, DIS asked industry experts to share their insights into what construction equipment dealers can expect in the year ahead. Here's what Bill Mayes had to say about labor shortages.

Bill Mayes DIS quote.jpg

He continued with, "The new workforce will not accept the ‘my way or the highway’ mentality of the past. Don’t think of this as good or bad, it simply is what it is. Dealers will need to ensure that they are nurturing and growing a group of new managers that can grow the business based on a common vision without having to be told what to do and how to do it every step of the way. The good news is that this is trainable behavior.”

The 'Big Dealer' Report is the most detailed source of information on ownership changes and consolidation trends of North America's largest farm equipment dealers. It's a joint project of Ag Equipment Intelligence and George Russell of the Machinery Advisors Consortium. This report aims to track ownership changes and consolidation trends of North American farm equipment dealers. For the purposes of this report, “Big Dealers” are considered those retail organizations that own and operate 5 or more agricultural equipment store locations within the U.S. and Canada. This report was initiated in 2009 and first published in 2011. It is updated annually and a new report is issued each April.
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