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Join Us at the 2022 AED Summit!

Our MAC Advisors look forward to seeing you at the AED Summit on January 17-19, 2022 in Orlando. If you’ll be in Orlando, let’s meet up at one of these Education Sessions.  If not, contact us to learn how any of the other nine MAC Advisors can help coach you or your dealership to peak performance.

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George Russell

Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 2:15
Good to Great Dealership Flywheel, Part I: Are you Tracking the Right Metrics?


What does it take to make an equipment dealership not just good, but great? It starts with tracking the right metrics. Learn the “Vital Few” metrics that define peak performance in each department and how to use them. The Dealership Flywheel defines the elements that must work together to propel an equipment dealership from good to GREAT.


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Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 3:45Good to Great Dealership Flywheel, Part II: Are you Creating a Customer Centric Culture?To achieve a sustainable business, dealership leaders must coach and create a customer-centric culture. In this follow-up and interactive session, we’ll share actionable strategies for how to take your dealership’s performance to a whole new level. This session will review key processes that leverage technology, and the leadership responsibility to create a culture of performance to achieve repeat customers, high return on assets, and more.

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Luke Sheppard

Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 3:45

Driving Great Results: Practical & Proven Tools for Dealer Success
Dealer leadership expects a lot from their front-line managers. But are your managers equipped to run your business efficiently and drive the results you seek?

This leadership perspective on the Driving Great Results method provides insight into the tools managers need to be successful and how you enable their success.

December 21,  2021

George Russell discusses the rapid changes that create both risk and opportunity and challenges you in 2022 is to ‘Build a 2nd Machine Age’ or SMA dealership.




Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 1:30

Driving Great Results: Practical & Proven Tools for Dealer Managers
Dealer managers have it tough. You are constantly strapped for time, balancing pressure from all sides, and challenged to deliver value to your business, employees, and customers, all while learning how to do your job most effectively.

This introduction to the Driving Great Results method provides practical and proven tools, founded in behavioral science, engineering principles, and real-world dealership experience, that you can quickly wrap your arms around and then apply to run a great business. 

Bill Mayes

Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 1:30

Growing Your Own Solution to the Technician Shortage
Technicians are impossible to find, let alone qualified techs. Demand is growing and supply is shrinking.  And the average technician age is closer to retirement that to being a newbie.

It is time to control your own destiny. Attend this session and find out how other dealers are addressing this shortage by growing their future technical workforce in-house.

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Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 3:00

Managing Parts in the New Economy
The world has reopened, and business is booming.  But supply chain problems that began before the pandemic have continued to grow so that our previous methods of managing parts availability are no longer viable. In this session, attendees will learn what can be done to keep the doors open and provide needed parts to their internal and external customers.